Take Your Career to Newer Heights with an Eco Hons Degree from JSGP

If you have an inclination for studying Economics, there are a large number of career choices available. Frankly speaking, most people having a degree in Economics whatever minor they opt for get lucrative jobs just after the completion of their course from the best Eco Hons colleges in Delhi NCR.

Career choices in Economics include Economic Consulting with research firms or consulting companies where you advise different ventures on business strategies and help them to develop economic evidence for court cases of varied nature. Another destination which Economic graduates can reach is law.

Jobs which are directly related to your degree include the following:

  • Actuarial analyst

  • Chartered accountant

  • Chartered certified accountant

  • Chartered public finance accountant

  • Data analyst

  • Economist

  • Financial risk analyst

  • Forensic accountant

  • Investment analyst

  • Statistician

  • Stockbroker

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

  • Actuary

  • Business development manager

  • Civil Service fast streamer

  • Data scientist

  • Diplomatic service officer

  • Local government officer

  • Management consultant

  • Quantity surveyor

In Economic law, you will have golden chance to influence so many decisions which are based on the economy, and would also be able to significantly contribute to a large number of firms and government bodies. And, speaking of government entities, there is always the choice of performing your responsibilities directly with the government via the non-profit organizations. The government hire Economists on a large scale to aid with the analysis and statistic portion of business.

Typical employers

Economics graduates from the reputed Economics honours colleges in Delhi also find employment in areas that include-

  • Banks (high street and city)

  • Charitable and not-for-profit organisations

  • Consultancies

  • Insurance and accountancy firms

  • Government departments and think tanks.

Economists are employed in both private as well as public sectors. The largest employer of these professionals is Civil Service through the IES.


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